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It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s Wayback Wednesday time! 

This week’s song is "The Take Over, The Break’s Over" by Fall Out Boy. This song is exactly what it means; the break is over, and Fall Out Boy is finally back. When I found out about the hiatus being over, my inner fifth grader cried for rejoice. I had heard so many rumors over the past year, and the fact that they were finally back together made everything in the world feel alright. Fall Out Boy has so many plans, now that they’re back. After their three year hiatus, they have a new album on the way and are going on tour later in the spring. The Kings of Pop Punk are back and they’re taking the music scene by storm. 


Check out Fall Out Boy’s new single “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)” on their YouTube, and check out their preorders for Save Rock and Roll and future tour dates on their Website.

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